Mashallah News

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Café Thawra and MyrrhandMint are behind you! may the Force Be With You!


We are: a journalists’, bloggers’ and graphic designers’ collective. Mashallah is our platform of disOriented news.

We were born: in 2010, at the end of a long and hot summer.

We are based: in Beirut, the funky and decadent capital of Lebanon.

We come from: all over the Mediterranean sea and beyond. We were born and bred OR chose to live in the region.

We aim at: spreading a new outlook on countries from Morocco to Iran, everywhere the word Mashallah is used, thanks to our team of Extremely Motivated Correspondents reporting from major cities in the region.

We are interested in: underground cultural scenes, social taboos, multilingualism, identity crises, organic wine, urban planning, body painting, humor, art and going beyond mental, cultural and national frontiers.

We are tired of: cultural propaganda, bribes, scape-goats, Lawrence of Arabia, CNN, ill-informed foreign correspondents, camels, Samuel Huntington, pollution, palm trees and flying carpets.

We believe in: describing cultural change, social issues and the unexpected, rather than repeating stereotypes and simpleminded images.

We are: a multilingual platform because we support diversity and want to reach English, French and Arabic speaking audiences.


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