My Name is Legion

Today I’m an Iranian resisting torture, I’m a Tunisian asking for justice. Today, I’m a Palestinian raising my fist against Occupation and Impunity, I’m an Egyptian who’s had enough of oppression. Today I’m a Lebanese, and I refuse point blank to go in the streets because some corrupt crook tried to bribe me to. Today, I take my flag and embrace it, I wear it proudly, twisting my poor flag across my body, willing it to protect me from the evils of those who have violated it. 

Today I’m pounding the streets of Tunis, of Beirut, of Cairo, of Ramallah and of Tehran, my name is Legion, my religion Revolution, I hold my head high, so high even death can’t force me to bow. I pound the streets and with each step my blood resonates in my ears, each thumps echoing my heart beating, the pulse playing the soundtrack to my woes. 

Today I’ve tasted blood, and sweat, and tears, but I don’t feel it, and I don’t care, my anger inhabiting me with such force I could rip my ribcage open and that would still not prevent me from carrying on, for today I’m redeeming myself and avenging my brothers. 

Today I’ve had enough of the years of humilitation, today I’ve decided that I’d rather be dead than live half a life because some power-hungry, US-supported thug decided to. Today I’m screaming Enough! at the top of my lungs, screaming so loudly amisdt the yelling crowd my voice dies in the chaos. Today I’m screaming like a new born, today I was indeed born again for I have discovered I had a voice, and that no one could ever silence it. Today I’ve discovered that even if they tried to, even if they beat me, arrested me, killed me, someone else would take my place, someone else would pound the streets of my sacred cities, for my name is Legion, revolution, my religion. 

Today I’ve decided no one can divide us against our will, today I’ve understood unity. Today, and tomorrow, and all the days that will follow, I will raise my fist and hold my head, high, so high even death won’t make me bow, I will let the sun kiss my face and warm my woes. Today, no one can silence me, I’ll force them to see my humanity, for my name is Legion, my religion, Revolution. 


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