Jeel al Thawra

Who are you what do you want don’t speak don’t scream don’t run we will find you we will curse you we will beat you. We have the means to scare and terror and coerce don’t speak don’t scream don’t run.
Pleased to meet you, you didn’t know us, do you? No, no you wouldn’t. We’re people of this land. We live and breathe and try to work even when there isn’t any. Every day we pound the streets of what you call your cities, we walk along the bright avenues alight with despair feeding on our hopes and dreams we survive, we live half a life, we curse you in the little privacy that we have let in the growing insanity of our minds.
We hate and resent and fight you, you are contempt you are fear you are shame and we can’t abide anymore we can’t submit anymore and we can’t carry on anymore. We refuse to carry on watching how you sell our very souls, we refuse to participate in the massacre of our humanity.
Who are you, we don’t know you,what do you want, why are you screaming why are you speaking why are you running?
We are pride and joy and wild hope and faith and solidarity. We have integrity and flaws and contradictions. We love our country to death, and yeah we mean than literally. We live to feel the pulse of free life running through our veins, even if it’s only for a split second.
You don’t know us now do you? No, no you wouldn’t .

We are Jeel al Thawra. The Revolution Generation.
And we will speak and we will scream and we will run until you’ve screamed and ran and ran and never come back, until the bullets you send us stop hitting our chests, until we pound the streets of what you can’t call your cities.

Until we are free at last.

Second Series of the Maria/Frieda Photoshoot by Lara Zankoul

Model: Me

Photographer: Lara Zankoul Please Check her work, it’s outstanding