In the Eye of the Pomegranate

In 2 days they’d like me to commemorate the fact that 36 years ago my country became the synonym of anarchy, the blazon of stupidity, the cradle of cruelty and the epitomisation of interference. Commemorate: to honor the memory of. Do I want to honor the memory of those drunk on power militia thugs who tortured, killed,raped and destroyed everything they found on their path? I don’t think so. Do I want to honor the memory of the 100000 civilians who lost their lives during this blood bath? Of course, but I don’t need a certain date to do that, I just need to roam the streets of Lebanon and talk to people who lost a leg or an arm or both,  to people who lost a mother sister wife cousin brother father fiance husband uncle comrade or neighbor and I should remember them well enough. Do I want to partake in the “celebrations” the same thugs are holding to remind themselves how much power they used to have in those halcyon days, to watch their pictures with their same idiotic faces, only their whiter mustaches and balding heads letting on how much time has passed? Do I want to listen to the same rethoric, the same they’ve been serving us for the last thirty fucking six years (oooh it’s all the Palestinians’ fault, ooohh it’s all the Lebanese Forces fault, ooohh it’s all the Mourabitoun’s faults)? I don’t think so. On the 13th of April this year, I want to bury my head in the sand in shame, in shame for a country that doesn’t want to learn from its mistakes, in shame for a certain glorification of a past that is beyond despicable. When are we going to learn that warlords and community leaders are using us to make their business more fruitful, their power more asserted and their bank accounts filled with zeros? When are we going to learn they’re enabled in their ways by a system which thrives on their very existence?And mostly, when are we going to scream enough! at the top of our lungs, and refuse, just refuse, point blank, to carry on playing their divisive game?

I DON’T want to commemorate the 13th of April because there is nothing to commemorate. How odd that people usually commemorate the end of a war and yet that we are remembering the beginning of one? That’s because, along with everything else, we couldn’t agree on the date the war ended. And if you ask me, it hasn’t even ended. It hasn’t ended when all the aformentionned thugs gave each other a pat on the back and quite happily gave themselves amnesty. It hasn’t ended when there was no Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, no Super Special Tribunal (my, my, but where were you, O Mighty Security Council? Hasn’t the UN Charter been invented back in the 90’s?) put in place to at least, at least pretend to honour the victims of the conflict, to at least have the decency to let them see eye to eye with their executionneers, to at least acknowledge the unspeakable ordeal of blood and torture civilians have gone through. It hasn’t ended when warlords came back to Beirut singing “War is Over, thanks for lending us half of your families, they’re somewhere down in that mass grave, go home now, show’s over”. It hasn’t ended when Israel thinks it’s an entertainment to bomb Lebanon for 33 days in a row, with the complicity of many Lebanese leaders (Oh but the SHAME).

So don’t come to me now, 36 years later, and pretend you’re commemorating “to remember”, not to “forget”, to “be reminded of the victims”. You don’t remember what there is to remember, your forgot, and you don’t give a fuck about the victims.


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