Child Dies in Agony over Her Imprisoned Father

An 11-year-old child from Hebron died Thursday night, two years after having serious health deterioration when she was not allowed to hug her father held in an Israeli jail.

Abeer Skafi went two years ago to visit her father, Yousef, in the Naqab prison, where he is serving four life sentences for his role in fighting the Israeli occupation. He had been in prison eight years when Abeer was visiting him.

According to relatives, a thick glass was separating between Abeer and her father and when she was not able to hold him, she started pounding very hard on the glass, screaming and crying.

A week later, her teacher in school noticed that she was not able to hold a pen in her right hand, and the family noticed that Abeer was not able to use her right hand for anything. She was taken to doctors, who said that he had problems in the nerves.

Her health continued to deteriorate since then to a point she was not able to speak or move. Doctors inJordan, where her family took her for examination, said she was suffering from nervous breakdown.

Few days ago, Abeer went into a coma and doctors in Hebron were not able to do anything to save her life. She was pronounced dead Thursday night. Abeer was buried Friday in a large funeral in Hebron.

The reality of the occupation. Heartbraking. Disgusting.


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