I’m a Lebanese Doctor and I want to make millions on women low self esteem

This is the tag line that could (and should) be written under Dr (Although I wonder why I even bother calling him that) Dany Nasr and the obscure “beauty” consultant Fabiola Mendelek, who have gratified us with this (thanks to Ivy Says for pointing it out in her by the way excellent blog):

Now that we’re done gagging, I’d like to outline one or two things to these dangerous people:

1) First and foremost, “Doctor”, with the catastrophic rate of breast cancer happening everywhere in the world and affecting more and more young women, and the disappointingly low rate of women who actually go and get checked, the only ad for breasts you should be running is an advocacy campaign encouraging women to go get mammograms and echographies so they can enjoy a healthy body.

2) Encouraging women on billboards to go and get plastic surgery doesn’t exactly scream competent doctor with a strong sense of integrity to me. Perhaps you have early Alzheimer’s (and I’d strongly encourage you to have that looked over) but plastic surgery is no walk in the park, it’s not a “fun” thing to do as you seem to be implying, it entiles a medical procedure with all the risks that it brings and all the possibilities of failure that go with it. And since you’re clearly more interested by making money (for who else would order and agree with such a despicable, condescending, greedy ad?) than by your patients’ health, I would definitely not entrust you with my body (not even with my little toe, and God Knows I’m not a huge fan)

3) In a country where people struggle to make ends meet, in a global society where it seems that everything is for and on sale, you, as a doctor, should take a stand against this trend of the merchandisation of the human (and more often than not) of the woman’s body. You’re basically sending out the message that no woman would ever be complete without your intervention on her breasts, and who doens’t want to feel complete? What if I don’t have the money to pay for your next Prosche Cayenne? Well, fair enough, I’ll take a loan/Papi will give me/ Saudi Sugar Daddy will provide. Bravo, Dr. Nasr, spot on in supporting the development of your country.

4) Last but not least, it’s the incredible (stricto sensu, as in, I can’t believe it, can’t get my head around it, can’t fathom the fact) message that you’re sending out to women that bother me the most. So women’s body are “a work in progress”, they’re simply awaiting your holy hands to shape them, to make them beautiful. As a doctor, your duty is to heal body and mind, not to fuck up the mind while possibly maiming the body. Instead of encouraging women to be healthy and accept themselves the way they are in all their glorious diversity, you and your colleagues seem to be on a cruisade to have Lebanese women all look alike, with the same boobs, bee stung lips, cheekbones and thighs, and by the scary Mondanités pages, my God but you’re doing a crap job. According to your ad, women always have room for improvement (while men and their pot bellies and hairy backs are ok) and the salvation will come from you! Thank you God My chest is saved!

Do you know what Dr.Nasr, I’ll first and foremost tell my publicist that in proper English Médecin is Doctor and not Medecin (WTF?) and I’ll make the consicous decision to be freaking fabulous by my own self confidence, which doesn’t require the hands of any so called “Medecin”.

I rest my case.


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