Roaring A Warning

And what did you see, my black-eyed girl?
I heard the sound of a thunder, it roared out a warnin’[1] 
A friend of mine and fellow feminist, Nay Al Rahi, wished us more rage and anger in a fantastic article shewrote on Shabab Assaafir . This followed a very pertinent question asked by Nadine Moawad, another friend and fellow feminist (the two seem to go together very often these days). Nadine quite plainly asked where was the rage, where was the angry drive that gets citizens on their feet to demand their rights.
The question came back to my mind as I was giving a presentation on women’s rights in Lebanon at a well-known Beiruti university today for International Women’s Day. I was speaking to young people in their twenties. The (female) students were decked out in pink to celebrate women (see how gender stereotypes are engrained? Pink=Femininity=Women), while very few male students wore pink, a colour no doubt dubbed too girly for them to wear. The few who dared to wear pink wore a very discreet pale pink shirt under a sweater. Note: it is not the pink that I resent, but rather, the fact that only women wore it, and not men, because of societal gendered stereotypes.
Male and female students sat on each side of the conference room, and the men who sat on the “women’s section” caught themselves and moved to the “male section”, among laughs and sniggers.
Only one young woman got up, and sat amongst men.
Read More on Cafe Thawra 


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