Pregnancy Scare

I have always felt very strongly about the way women are being treated in this day and age merely for the fault of perpetuating the specie. In other words, pregnancy scares the shit out of me. 
It s not enough that us women have to worry about what being pregnant will do to our body, to worry about the mere act of giving birth (no walk in the park, I hear, as my father still remembers sometimes the hollow day of my sister and I coming to this world: oh you should have heard the screams, he says, his stare blank, lost in the horrors of days past). And in any case, the picture of my mother after I was born , all chalk white and hollow eyes, are enough to confirm my Father s testimony, but I digress. So apparently it s not enough we have to worry about leaky breasts and all sorts of nastiness happening to us, we also have to worry about what it’ll do to our careers and relationships. 
I’m currently reading Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman and finds it a Beautiful read, not in the least because she s being so honest about all this giving birth business. While she makes it quite clear motherhood is one of the most fantastic experience a woman could ever live, she also states plainly that having a baby sets you back a couple of years back in your career, and that new mothers and mothers to be quietly watch men get ahead while they re nursing their child. 
But but but I find myself stammering, but I don’t WANNA lose my career, I want to have children but do I really need to lose myself If I do? I want to be able to take care of the children I choose to have, but I also want to be able to keep on writing, play my role in the community and at work, and still do things for and by myself. I need other achievements than children. 
You know, the way men do. 
Thing is, the world, save the happy plains of Scandinavia, is not prepared to allow women to enjoy every aspect of their lives. Childless women are judged and labelled as selfish, while new mothers are seen As retarded burdens of society, taking, insert gasp, maternity leave to recover from their episiotomy and c-sections and oh to bond a bit
With that little thing they just brought to the world. 
Maternity leaves are still not long enough in most European and Middle Eastern countries, and as soon as women pop that kid out, there s an expectation they should be checking emails and coming back to work. 
The reasons behind the lack of appropriate public health and social policies pertaining to reproductive health are first and foremost
Capitalism and patriarchy. By centering everything on being competitive and making profits, companies tend to see women of child bearing age as a burden rather than as a resource, which they are: as Caitlin Moran puts it in her book, new parents are twice as productive than Childless people, well,because they simply have to do everything in one day, an that includes working and then working a bit more at home with babies. Yes working mothers and fathers might take some days off to tend to a sick child, but allowing those is not an act of kindness from the company, it s an obligation, a human right that need to be implemented. Patriarchy takes the form of the greying old Man deciding on my behalf how long I deserve my maternity leave. To those I say 2 things. One: no uterus? NO OPINION and two: somebody please perform an epidural on one of those people and let them decide afterwards how long should maternity leaves be. 
Now I realize the shorter the maternity leave, the more women will be encouraged to drop
Out of work to become housewives. This is another manifestation of patriarchy: by not putting in place appropriate, efficient, comprehensive and accessible health care programs, women are faced with the dilemma of either letting go of their productive role or be ridden by guilt. 
The good news is that some men are starting to share equally the domestic chores and child care, but let s e honest, most of these tasks still fall back on women, thus applying even more pressure in women whose domestic work isn’t even properly valued or recognized. 
In the world we live in, isn’t it the most natural thing for a young woman to be demented with fear at the prospect of having a child, something that is a human right if she wants to? 
The issue is also a class thing: women who can’t afford private help in the form of a nanny are also doubly oppressed and pressured. 
Isn’t it high time bosses and policy makers everywhere, as well as men and women themselves realize the shocking truth: women have a right to be faced with real choices, being a working mother with real work opportunities, being a housewife or being just about anything they want and that doesn’t mean doing everything so you find  working mothers hyperventilating under the photocopier. 


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