Lying awake.

Rooted to the spot by the helplessness I feel. What to do? Where to run, to do something? Try to act, send something, share something, DO. SOMETHING.
But All I can do is stay rooted to my spot, watching children die, their eyes not even able to be closed by their loved ones, their bloodied little bodies, made of life, made for life, rigid with the definite stillness of death.
And something screams inside of me, the banshees of injustice, the demons of cruelty, and I want to rip out my eyes, and I want to punch and kick and scream and fight, and scream, and scream, and scream.
But yet I do nothing. Riveted to my spot, I go along with my daily life, my stomach churning with the bile of anger, my ears tired from hearing all the lies, they want to die, they say. It’s their fault, these Arabs, these savages, they teach death. It’s a self genocide, really.
But a woman once said: we teach life, sir. And they do. They teach life, and hope and the will to resist, they teach truth when you speak deceit, they teach pride, a pride you can never hope to understand.
Palestinians teach life amidst unspeakable calls for their death. Calls to kill Palestinian mothers. Calls to kill them all and replace them with Jews. Calls to kill, maim, eradicate, annihilate them, so the ‘most moral army in the world’ can clean our their dwellings, their history, their very existence.
Let’s get something straight: this is called ethnic cleansing. It is a crime against humanity. It is being perpetrated by a Zionist entity whose only religion is racism, whose only morals are oppression, and whose only project is the domination over others.
But this entity is not the only one to blame: it is the spoilt child of the powerful of this world, of the cowards of this world, who would rather look the other way when children are being brought to hospitals in pieces. After all elections ballots, arms trade, economic ties, political gains are much more important than the lives of Palestinian children.
I might not be able to prevent bombs from falling, but I can try and speak the truth. Me, and you and the hundreds of thousands of people around the world can do one thing: protest relentlessly, pounding the streets of our cities with what we know to be the truth. Resistance to death, to lies, to oppression is our only weapon.

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