Moving Mountains

Day after the demonstration and my head is filled with unforgettable memories.

The time will come, rather soon, where I will be writing an extensive report on it, to let people know what happened, to document events, to leave a print on the tangible: how many we were, what itinerary we followed, what were the messages we screamed and carried and sang. What are our next steps, what media covered the story.

But allow me here to document and retell the intangible, the emotions, the fire and the passion that rips through a crowd, quicker than a ray of light.

Yesterday we were in the streets of a much beloved city to call out to the government to grant us our rights, to put a stop to an unspeakable discrimination, to create the beginnings of a new society where having a penis doesn’t get to dictate your position in life.

These issues are serious, negative, they could depress even the strongest of us, yet yesterday, as if by some miracle, we managed to turn our anger into a beautiful force, a positive energy to overcome obstacles and to reach our goals.This force carried us throughout the day, stayed with us and was so communicative you could see it on people’s faces and chants.

Yesterday, under the rain, I felt that each and everyone of us had wings, that we could walk all over Beirut and more and still feel a power inside of us, a fire that made us sing for our rights.

Yesterday I witnessed the sunrise of a new era, of new starts. We know we still have a lot to achieve, we know it is not because of our march that laws will be passed and cancelled on Monday. But we also know that we are slowly building the basis of equality in our country, linked together by the positive energy we have managed to create, bound to each other by hope, and hard work and drive.Yesterday, I could feel the invisible ropes of revolution tying us together, bringing us closer to our aim.

Yesterday I was in a crowd of love, and solidarity and care, where it didn’t matter in the slightest what religion or sex or age I was.Yesterday I got a glimpse of what Lebanon could be if only we managed to get rid of a harmful system, to rally under the banners of freedom and openess and equality.

Yesterday, I felt a part of the family of Humanity.

And it felt good, standing there, under a gray sky pouring with rain.